Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Amazing Colossal Video Wall

The Hard Rock Hotel has created "The Great Wall of Las Vegas." This is the mother of all touch screen video walls -- 72 square feet. Step right up and explore every digital artifact (photos and videos) in the Hard Rock collection:

This could solve conundrums faced by a lot of museums -- how do you provide access to the collection, without building a facility the size of the Las Vegas Convention Center (roughly 3 Malls of America, with the New Orleans Superdome for "backstage")? And how do you present media-based artifacts -- film, video, audio? Something like this provides an elegant solution that will appeal to "digital natives" who have never known a world without Google, Grand Theft Auto and Facebook.

Yes, I know something like this costs mega-bucks, but the hardware and software actually gets cheaper and better every year.

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